Research Associate (DesCartes WP8 – ARIA Technologies)

Job offer posted on 9 February 2023

DesCartes Program (Work Package 8) is looking for a Research Associate to co-develop and apply on base cases, hybrid solutions using approximate solutions using artificial intelligence to problems traditionally requiring very significant computing resources.


The DesCartes programme is developing a hybrid AI, combining Learning, Knowledge and Reasoning, which has good properties (need for less resources and data, security, robustness, fairness, respect for privacy, ethics), and demonstrated on industrial applications of the smart city (digital energy, monitoring of structures, air traffic control).

The program brings together 80 permanent researchers (half from France, half from Singapore), with the support of large industrial groups (Thales SG, EDF SG, ESI group, CETIM Matcor, ARIA etc.).

The research will take place mainly in Singapore, at the premises of CNRS@CREATE, with a competitive salary and generous funding for missions. Read more about DesCartes program here.


In urban air environment, many issues require the resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations and reactive pollutants transport model. Conventionally, those coupled set of equations are solved with numerical solvers, whose solutions are attached to given initial and boundary conditions. Whenever the initial and boundary conditions vary, one needs to redo the calculation, prohibiting a fast decision making in real-world applications. Alternatively, recent advance in machine learning advocates a data driven prediction using deep neural networks. In the absence of physical constraints, the training of neural networks requires huge amount high resolution data in space and time, which are rarely available in practice.

In this project, you will work with another Research associate

  1. To build, modify and apply a surrogate model that maps coordinates, as well as initial and boundary conditions to state variables, i.e., velocity and pressure of the wind, and pollutant concentration; and
  2. To extract from data assimilated in task 1 a reduced-order model that describes the evolution of state variables in space and time.


You will be supervised by a DesCartes PI in close liaison with the relevant engineers from ARIA Technologies- SUEZ Group. Regular videoconferences will be organized between Paris and the Singapore Teams. Your contribution to one or more scientific articles intended for peer-reviewed scientific journals may be considered.


  • Minimum Qualification Level: Master degree
  • Minimum Years of Work Experience: a first relevant professional experience (ad-hoc Master; Ph-D., internships… )
  • Field of Study: in-depth knowledge of digital sciences and IA technologies ; basic knowledge of fluid mechanics or/and atmospheric sciences.
  • Skills : rigor and ability to work with a certain autonomy ; real interpersonal ease and teamwork ability
  • Languages: perfect command of English and French, both written and oral (level C1)


Gross Monthly Salary Range (SGD): 4,000 – 6,300

Workplace Address: CREATE Tower, 1 Create Way #08-01 Singapore 138602

Interested applicants please send your application to Claude Guet and Armand Albergel

Please attach your full CV, with the names and contacts (including email addresses) of two character referees, and  a cover letter in  French and English, in pdf format.
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