Research Assistant in visualization (DesCartes)

Job offer posted on 24 July 2023.

DesCartes Program is looking for a Research Assistant to integrate Singapore 3D maps into rendering engines and design visualization scenarios to illustrate DesCartes research outcomes.


The DesCartes programme is developing a hybrid AI, combining Learning, Knowledge and Reasoning, which has good properties (need for less resources and data, security, robustness, fairness, respect for privacy, ethics), and demonstrated on industrial applications of the smart city (digital energy, monitoring of structures, air traffic control).

The program brings together 80 permanent researchers (half from France, half from Singapore), with the support of large industrial groups (Thales SG, EDF SG, ESI group, CETIM Matcor, ARIA etc.).

The research will take place mainly in Singapore, at the premises of CNRS@CREATE, with a competitive salary and generous funding for missions. Read more about DesCartes program here.


In this project, you will:

  1. integrate 3D maps of different quarters of Singapore into a rendering engine, such as Unity, at different scales, from human level at the block level to a more systemic quarter level, under the supervision of one DesCartes PI,
  2. interact with different DesCartes PIs to understand their needs and design visualization scenarios using the 3D environment to illustrate or showcase their scientific outcomes.


  • Minimum Qualification Level: Bachelor’s degree in disciplines related to either computing, engineering, or digital media (digital games, digital arts).
  • Minimum Years of Work Experience: Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  • Skills: Rigor and abilitybto work with a certain autonomy; Good interpersonal and communication skill; Teamwork; Good design skills; Experience with computer graphics, animations, and 3D engine is a must.
  • Languages: English (knowledge of French is a plus)


Gross Monthly Salary Range (SGD): 4,000 – 6,300

Workplace Address: CREATE Tower, 1 Create Way #08-01 Singapore 138602

Interested applicants please send your application to

Ooi Wei Tsang ;

Blaise Genest

Please attach your full CV, with the names and contacts (including email addresses) of two character referees, and a cover letter in English, in pdf format.

Subject template for application by email:

DesCartes Program – WP # – Position – Name of the offer

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